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From childhood on
He was anxious and shy
Not connected to others
He did not know why

Raging storms in his stomache
Raging storms in his head
he took pills to calm down
They made him restless instead

Spinning and spinning
The thoughts in his head
He took other pills
They just made him feel sad

He once had a girl
To kiss and hold hand
It seemed that she loved him
Now light is his head

He gave her roses
He bought her a ring
Whenever he saw her
 His heart took on wings

But she find someone else
Someone better than him
To soften his grief
He mixed whiskey and gin

The thoughts in his mind
Spinning 'round and around
Faster and faster
Untill he felt down on the ground

Over and over
He tried to get back on his feet
He prayed to god
Felt down on his knees

Lord take away
My sorrow and pain
God didn't listen
His prayers were in vain

He traveled to find
A place to call home
He never did find one
Wherever he roam

As time passes by
Confused more and more
He hides for the world
Closed windows and doors

Demands were to high
He could not achieve 
But he learned over tome
In himself to believe