Bus 31
I offered her chocolate and sunflowerseeds
She gave back her smile that was friendly and neet 
We were sitting and waiting on Bus 31
Chewing and smiling in a hot august sun 

I couldn't speak het language and she could not speak mine
But with pencil and paper we were just doing fine
She wrote down her name and I wrote down mine
Smiling and writing in the hot summer sun

We traveled together for a very short time
She show me a picture of a man and a child
She pointed with her finger, my man "he no nice"
And i could see a tear in the corner of her eye

When we said goodbye, she gave a warm embrace
I still remember her sweet , friendly face
Through the window of the bus I saw her waving goodbye
Getting smaller and smaller untill out of sight
Getting smaller and smaller and then out of sight 

rinel van venrooij